Samsung Galaxy Ring: The Ultimate Wearable Revolution You Can’t Miss!

Samsung Galaxy Ring: A Game-Changer in Wearable Tech.

Samsung may have launched three new smartwatches this year, but the real showstopper is the Galaxy Ring. Priced at $399.99, this innovative smart ring was unveiled at today’s Unpacked event, and I finally had the chance to experience it firsthand. Despite the brief interaction, the Galaxy Ring left a positive impression.

First Impressions:

The Galaxy Ring’s hardware is impressive, though its design isn’t a radical departure from other smart rings. Available in gold, silver, and black, each ring features a titanium frame. I was particularly drawn to the gold version, thanks to its shiny finish. Durability is yet to be tested, but it boasts 10ATM water resistance and an IP68 rating.

Color Options Material Water Resistance IP Rating
Gold Titanium Frame 10ATM IP68
Silver Titanium Frame 10ATM IP68
Black Titanium Frame 10ATM IP68

At 7mm wide and 2.6mm thick, it felt slimmer than my Oura Ring, possibly due to its concave shape. The ring is lightweight, weighing between 2.3 and 3 grams depending on the size. Speaking of sizes, there are nine options, ranging from size 5 to 13.

Unique Features:

The Galaxy Ring’s charging case stands out with its futuristic transparent design and LED indicators. Unlike the puck-shaped docks of other smart rings, this case is practical and stylish, making it easier to carry around and harder to lose. The case holds 1.5 times the charge, and the ring itself lasts six to seven days on a full charge, which takes about 80 minutes.

Feature Galaxy Ring Oura Ring Ultrahuman Ring Air
Charging Case Transparent, LED Puck-shaped dock Puck-shaped dock
Battery Life 6-7 days 6-7 days 5-6 days
Full Charge Time 80 minutes 60 minutes 75 minutes

Sizing Matters:

Samsung offers a sizing kit that I highly recommend, even if you know your ring size. Fingers can swell in hotter weather, and accurate sizing is crucial for smart rings. My size varied across different rings, underscoring the importance of getting it right. Size also affects battery life: smaller rings (sizes 5 to 11) last six days, while the largest sizes last seven days.

Tech Specs:

The Galaxy Ring primarily serves as a discreet health tracker, similar to the Oura Ring. It features an accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor (with green, red, and infrared LEDs), and a skin temperature sensor. It tracks sleep, heart rate, and activity, with new Galaxy AI-powered metrics like the Energy Score and Wellness Tips, providing personalized insights.

Sensor Type Galaxy Ring Oura Ring
Accelerometer Yes Yes
Optical Heart Rate Green, Red, Infrared LEDs Green, Red LEDs
Skin Temperature Yes Yes
New Metrics Energy Score, Wellness Tips Readiness Score, Insights

Health Tracking:

The Galaxy Ring emphasizes sleep tracking, providing a sleep score based on metrics like movement, sleep latency, and heart and respiratory rates. However, it lacks FDA-cleared sleep apnea detection and irregular heart rhythm notifications, which are exclusive to Galaxy Watches.

Integration with Samsung Ecosystem:

The Galaxy Ring is designed for Android users, particularly those within the Samsung ecosystem. Features like the Energy Score and Find My Ring require a Galaxy phone. Additionally, the ring can work seamlessly with Galaxy Watches, improving battery life by choosing the best data source between devices.

Cool Gestures:

One standout feature is the double pinch gesture, allowing users to control their phone’s camera or dismiss alarms hands-free. This feature, initially limited to the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, is expected to roll out to the S24 soon.

Final Thoughts:

The Galaxy Ring shows promise with its sleek hardware and lack of additional subscription fees. Its success depends on accurate tracking and battery life. If Samsung delivers on these fronts, it could dominate the smart ring market and set a new standard for wearable tech.


The Samsung Galaxy Ring is available for preorder at Amazon, Best Buy, and Samsung, with general availability starting on July 24th. Don’t miss out on this game-changing wearable!

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