TF2 Revival: New Comic Confirmed After Seven-Year Hiatus

Team Fortress 2 Fans, Rejoice!

After seven years of waiting, a new Team Fortress 2 comic is officially in the works. Valve’s renowned developers have confirmed this exciting news, bringing a fresh wave of enthusiasm to the game’s community. The script is done and it’s being drawn as we speak, with two Valve legends, known for their work on Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Half-Life, confirming the comic’s existence.

A Welcome Surprise Amidst Controversy

Team Fortress 2 has been in the spotlight recently due to a botting crisis, leading to criticism from its dedicated player base. However, Valve’s recent efforts to clamp down on malicious accounts have started to turn the tide of public opinion. But no one anticipated this surprising development—a new comic, seven years after “The Naked and the Dead.” Could this mark the resurgence of Team Fortress 2? It certainly seems so.

Valve Legends Involved Notable Works
Jay Pinkerton Portal, Left 4 Dead, TF2
Erik Wolpaw Half-Life, TF2, Portal

Diving Deeper into TF2’s Lore

The Team Fortress 2 comic series provides fans with a deeper understanding of the game’s quirky universe. Characters like Spy, Heavy, and Scout are given more backstory and personality, enhancing the vibrant world they inhabit. These comics, along with the famous ‘Meet The…’ videos, are beloved for their humor and rich storytelling. Now, as Valve intensifies its efforts against bots, the return of these comics couldn’t be better timed.

From Fan Project to Official Confirmation

The new comic’s journey began with a fan named ‘PieSpie,’ involved in an unofficial TF2 comic project. PieSpie reached out to Jay Pinkerton for advice and received an unexpected revelation. Pinkerton revealed that the original team had been working intermittently on issue seven and that the script was already finished.

“Just so you know, the same team that made the first six [Team Fortress 2 comics] have been working on and off on issue number seven for a while now,” Pinkerton said. “The script is finished and it’s being drawn as we speak. No promises when it will be released but it is being worked on.”

This led to further confirmation from Erik Wolpaw, another veteran Valve writer. Breaking his usual silence on Twitter, Wolpaw emphatically stated, “Not a hoax!” validating Pinkerton’s claims and exciting the TF2 community.

A Glimpse of What’s Coming

Pinkerton even shared a sneak peek of the upcoming comic, although details remain scarce. Nonetheless, the confirmation that a new issue is on the way is thrilling news for fans who have been eagerly awaiting any updates.

Comic Series Highlights Importance
Meet The… Series Introduces and adds depth to characters
TF2 Comics Expands on the game’s lore and storylines

What’s Next for TF2 Fans?

While waiting for the new comic, why not explore some of the best multiplayer and co-op games available on PC? Diversifying your gaming experience can keep things fresh while anticipating Team Fortress 2’s next big update.

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