The Complete Zaxby’s Menu and Ordering Guide

Table of Contents

  • An Overview of the Zaxby’s Menu
  • Zaxby’s Chicken Finger Plates and Meals
  • Zaxby’s Boneless and Traditional Wings
  • Signature Sandwiches and Burgers
  • Salads, Sides, and Appetizers
  • Kids Meals and Kid-Friendly Options
  • Desserts and Drink Options
  • Ordering Tips and Suggestions for First-Timers
  • Join the Zax Fan Club for Deals
  • Frequently Asked Questions

An Overview of the Zaxby’s Menu

Zaxby’s is a fast casual restaurant chain best known for its chicken fingers, wings, sandwiches, salads, and signature sauces. The Zaxby’s menu features a variety of options across appetizers, meals, sides, desserts, and drinks.

Some of the main sections of the Zaxby’s menu include:

  • Chicken Finger Plates and Meals: Zaxby’s offers their famous chicken fingers in quantities of 3, 5, or 10 fingers as well as in meals, sandwiches, salads and wraps. Chicken finger plates come with Texas Toast and your choice of side.
  • Wings: Customers can order bone-in or boneless wings in flavors like Hot, Mild, BBQ, and more. Wings are sold in quantities of 5, 10, or 20 pieces.
  • Signature Sandwiches: Enjoy sandwiches like the Zaxby’s Club, Chicken Salad Sandwich, Chicken Bacon Club, and more.
  • Salads: Salads range from side Caesar and garden salads to full entree salads topped with chicken fingers or grilled chicken.
  • Sides: Pair entrees with fries, tots, cole slaw, potato cakes, and other hearty sides.
  • Kid’s Meals: Kid-friendly options include roasted chicken on the bone, chicken nuggets, and grilled cheese.
  • Desserts: Indulge in Cookie Dough Bites, Brownie Bites, and hand spun milkshakes.
  • Drinks: Quench your thirst with soda, lemonade, iced tea, Flavored Zax Sauce drink, and milkshakes.

With traditional favorites like chicken fingers and innovative options like salads and sandwiches, the Zaxby’s menu has something for everyone. Keep reading to learn more details about Zaxby’s menu items.

Zaxby’s Chicken Finger Plates and Meals

Zaxby’s chicken fingers are the star of the show. Their fingers are made with double-breaded and cooked-to-order white meat chicken for an extra crispy outside and juicy inside. Chicken finger plates allow you to pick the number of fingers you want, starting with the 3 Finger Plate.

5 and 10 Finger Plates are also available for heartier appetites. All chicken finger plates are served with Texas Toast and your choice of side. Upgrade your fingers to Boneless Wings for a small charge.

Signature Zax Sauces like Zax Sauce, Spicy Zax Sauce, and Nuclear Zax Sauce allow you to customize your chicken fingers. Other sauce options include Ranch, Honey Mustard, Hickory BBQ, Horseradish, Hot Honey Mustard, and Buffalo.

Chicken finger sandwiches and wraps feature finger fillets with pickles and your choice of sauce on a toasted brioche bun or in a tomato basil wrap. The Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich adds a spicy fried chicken fillet for extra flavor.

Chicken finger salads like the Cobb, Caesar, Chef, and Chicken Finger let you enjoy crispy chicken fingers on a bed of salad greens. Zaxby’s Chicken Finger Plate with fries and Texas Toast

Specialty chicken meals like the Chicken Finger Plate Basket with fries and Texas Toast round out the chicken finger offerings.

Zaxby’s Boneless and Traditional Wings

Zaxby’s chicken wings come in two styles: boneless or traditional bone-in wings. Both options allow you to enjoy Zaxby’s signature sauces and seasonings on tender, juicy wings.

The boneless wings offer the flavor of Zaxby’s wings without the bones. Opt for flavors like Hot, Mild, BBQ, Teriyaki, and more. The wing flavors range from no heat to fiery hot.

The traditional wings offer a meatier option with bigger sizes and the signature bone-in style. You can order 5, 10, or 20 count wings in a variety of heat levels and flavors.

Wing flavors include:

  • Hot – spicy and fiery with a Nashville hot flavor
  • Mild – moderate spice level
  • Medium – middle of the road heat
  • BBQ – sweet and tangy barbecue sauce
  • Nibblz – lemon pepper dry rub
  • Garlic Parmesan – garlicky, savory
  • Teriyaki – sweet teriyaki glaze
  • Hot Ranch – spicy buffalo ranch
  • Atomic – intensely hot and spicy

Wings make a great starter or meal paired with one side. Build your own wing combo meal with fries and a drink. You can also add wings to any Zaxby’s Signature Sandwich.

With so many options, you can find the perfect heat level and flavor for your tastes. Try a mix of flavors to switch it up.

Signature Sandwiches and Burgers

In addition to its famous chicken, Zaxby’s offers a variety of signature sandwiches packed with flavor:

  • Zaxby’s Club – A triple-decker sandwich with chicken fingers, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and honey mustard sauce.
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich – Homemade chicken salad with lettuce and tomato on wheatberry bread.
  • Chicken Bacon Club – Grilled chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.
  • Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – Fried chicken with Buffalo sauce, lettuce and ranch dressing.
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich – Grilled chicken with lettuce, tomato and honey mustard on a brioche bun.
  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich – Fried chicken topped with lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard.

For a beefy option, Zaxby’s serves specialty burgers like the Zaxby’s Burger with American cheese or the Spicy Zaxby’s Burger with pepper jack cheese and fried jalapeños.

All sandwiches come with your choice of two signature Zaxby’s sides like fries, tots or cole slaw. Make it a meal with a drink for a tasty, filling combo.

Salads, Sides, and Appetizers

In addition to entrees, Zaxby’s offers a variety of lighter salads, shareable appetizers and hearty side dishes:


  • Garden Side Salad – Fresh lettuce, carrots, cabbage, cheese and croutons.
  • Caesar Side Salad – Romaine lettuce, parmesan and croutons.
  • Chicken Finger Salad – Mixed greens, chicken fingers, cheese, tomatoes and croutons.
  • Cobb Salad – Lettuce mix with chicken, tomato, bacon, boiled egg, blue cheese.
  • Chef Salad – Lettuce, deli meat, cheese, eggs and croutons.


  • Texas Cheese Fries – Crispy fries loaded with melted cheese and bacon.
  • Tater Chips – Housemade kettle chips with French onion dip.
  • Fried White Cheddar Cheese – Bites of fried white cheddar.
  • Chicken Fingerz and Fries – Basket of fingers and fries.


  • French Fries
  • Tater Tots
  • Bacon Baked Beans
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato Salad
  • Crinkle Cut Fries
  • Kale Slaw
  • Fried Okra

These appetizers, salads and sides are the perfect companion to Zaxby’s chicken meals and sandwiches.

Kids Meals and Kid-Friendly Options

Zaxby’s caters to kids with z Kids Meals that include entree, side and drink options designed for little ones:

  • Fried Chicken on the Bone
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Slice of Pizza

These kid-sized entrees are served with one side like potato cakes, applesauce or sliced apples. Add a small soft drink or milk to complete the meal.

Many of Zaxby’s regular menu items can also be downsized for kids, like a kids portion of chicken fingers, sandwiches or wings. Be sure to ask for kid-sized options when ordering.

Desserts and Drink Options

Top off your meal with something sweet from Zaxby’s dessert menu:

  • Cookie Dough Bites – Edible chocolate chip cookie dough served with chocolate or raspberry dipping sauce. A tasty fan favorite.
  • Brownie Bites – Rich chocolate brownie bites with powder sugar and chocolate dipping sauce.
  • Milkshakes – Hand-spun shakes made with real ice cream in flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Oreo, Banana Pudding, and Salted Caramel.

Quench your thirst with Zaxby’s drink menu:

  • Coca-Cola Fountain Drinks – Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and more soda flavors.
  • Fresh-Brewed Iced Tea – Sweetened or unsweetened black iced tea.
  • Milkshakes – Hand-spun thick milkshakes.
  • Flavored Zax Sauce Drink – Get the flavor of Zax Sauce in a beverage!
  • Lemonade – Refreshing traditional or strawberry lemonade.
  • Bottled Drinks – Bottled water, juices, sports drinks and more.
  • Coffee & Hot Tea – Freshly brewed coffee and selection of hot teas.

Kids drinks include small soft drinks and milk in white or chocolate milk options.

With hearty meals, lighter snacks, indulgent desserts, and thirst-quenching drinks, Zaxby’s diverse menu has something for all tastes and appetites.

Ordering Tips and Suggestions for First-Timers

Here are some tips and recommendations for making the most of your first Zaxby’s order:

  • For a taste of their most popular items, try the 3 Finger Plate with Zax Sauce or a 10-piece wing combo meal.
  • Build your own sandwich or salad for a customizable meal.
  • Don’t skip dessert – the Cookie Dough Bites and Brownie Bites are must-tries.
  • Take advantage of their rotating milkshake flavors for a unique treat.
  • Order Texas Cheese Fries or the Atomic Wings to add some heat.
  • Try mixing and matching wing flavors to sample different seasonings.
  • For kids, chicken fingers, grilled cheese, and chicken nuggets are safe bets.
  • First-timers may want to avoid the ultra-hot Nuclear Zax Sauce.
  • Ordering online through the Zaxby’s app or website allows you to skip the line.
  • In-store ordering kiosks also help expedite service.
  • Sign up for their email club for special offers sent to your inbox.

We hope these tips help maximize your first Zaxby’s experience. Let us know what menu items you end up trying and enjoying!

Join the Zax Fan Club for Deals

Zaxby’s offers special discounts and rewards to guests who join their Zax Fan Club rewards program.

Members of the Zax Fan Club get access to:

  • Exclusive weekly email offers like BOGO sandwiches and meal deals
  • Birthday rewards like a free Big Zax Snak meal
  • Points earned on purchases that add up to free food and rewards
  • Exclusive promotions and sneak peeks at new menu items

It’s free to join the Zax Fan Club – you can sign up on the Zaxby’s website or by downloading the Zaxby’s app.

Joining the Zax Fan Club is a great way for Zaxby’s fans to save money on their favorite wings and chicken finger meals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Zaxby’s offer catering?

A: Yes, Zaxby’s has catering options and family meal deals perfect for feeding a crowd. You can order catering platters with chicken fingers, wings, salads, sides and more.

Q: Can I customize my Zaxby’s meal order?

A: Certainly, you can customize anything on the menu. Swap out sides, mix wing flavors, add extra sauce, etc. Just let the cashier know your customization requests when ordering.

Q: Is Zaxby’s menu gluten free friendly?

A: Zaxby’s offers a number of gluten free options including grilled chicken sandwiches, wings, salads, and sides like fried okra and Kale Slaw.

Q: Does Zaxby’s serve breakfast?

A: Unfortunately Zaxby’s does not offer traditional breakfast. But some locations have morning meal options like muffins, pastries and coffee.

Q: Can I order low carb options at Zaxby’s?

A: Yes, low carb menu choices include salads, grilled chicken entrees, wings, and sides like coleslaw and potato salad. Avoid sandwiches, Texas toast, and fries for lower carb.

Let us know if you have any other questions about the Zaxby’s menu!

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